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BOOKIE takes place in 1963 Seattle, long before gambling was accepted social behavior for Saturday nights. It tells the story of a man who learns he can’t live his life on the sidelines forever.


On the night of a wildly anticipated boxing fight, crowds pack into a raucous soul R&B nightclub for a chance at alcohol, wild music, and easy money. Word is out that the champ’s got the fight in the bag and Bookie takes down bets from all corners.


Amidst it all, he can’t help but notice the beautiful waitress Billie have a violent falling out with Jackson, her lover and Bookie’s all-controlling boss. Bookie attempts to help matters, but the odds prove far more difficult – they will have to trust each other completely to totally break free of Jackson and the nightclub.


3-Line Synopsis
At a raucous soul R&B nightclub in 1963, crowds from all over Seattle gather for a chance at alcohol, wild music, and easy money. Amidst it all, a gambling bookie risks everything he has for a waitress down on her luck.


1-Line Synopsis
Set in 1963 Seattle, a gambling bookie risks everything for a waitress down on her luck.



What People Are Saying

“A little gem of a film flawlessly realized”
            – Twitch Film


“Stands out from minute one…expert look and feel sucks you into 1963.”
            – Film Threat


“It’s a beautiful thing to see something like this, a damn fine watch.”
            – JimmyO, critic for and


“Clever writing paired with tight performances”
            – Cinema Crazed


“Remarkable! Its pacing is perfect, and its timing elegant…not a wasted moment.”
            – Blogcritics


“A fun movie that leaves you wanting more.”
            – Rogue Cinema


“Economical and evocative, a very fine work of promise with a sweet romantic side”
            – The Spinning Image


“A beautiful blend of music and cinematography”
            – Entertainmentopia


“So much good here that looks sharper than many American indies.”
            – The Warren Report


“Really elegant work, check it out if you can.”
            – Hyphen Blog


“One of my favorite shorts on this year’s film festival circuit. Highly recommended!”
            – Angry Asian Man





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